"We no longer have any deer damage in the vineyards protected by Deer Shield."

Craig Cunningham, Cunningham Viticulture Services, LLC
Traverse City, Michigan

Deer Control with Deer ShieldDeer Control with Deer Shield

Deer Shield Testimonials

“Deer Shield was most effective in my vineyard this season. There was no deer damage! I’ve recommended my vineyard manager add Deer Shield to other vineyards they manage. I feel we’ve definitely changed their feeding patterns.”

Don Byard, Owner, Eola Hills Vineyard, Rickreall, Oregon, U.S.A.

“We purchased Deer Shield Super Pro to protect our 1 year old pear tree planting that had been severely damaged the previous year by deer and elk. Shortly after installing Deer Shield, the deer and elk changed their travel patterns and largely left the trees alone. After 3 months, what little damage we find is limited to the perimeter, is very minor, and the trees are now growing well.”

Bruce Hukari, Owner, Hukari Orchards, Hood River, Oregon, U.S.A.

“Over the past months I have purchased 4 Deer Shield units to keep deer out of my client’s vineyards and eating the apical tips off the shoots. From the first day I put Deer Shield out the deer have stayed away. We no longer have any deer damage in the vineyards protected by Deer Shield. Fact is the Deer Shield are working so well I’m going to order 2 more!”

Craig Cunningham, Owner, Cunningham Viticulture Services, LLC, Traverse City, Michigan, U.S.A.

“Last year we purchased a Deer Shield Super Pro to protect my new cherry tree plantings from deer browsing. The results this year using the Deer Shield Chip #2, and repositioning the poles and surrounding the orchard so that the speakers would be more hidden. The combination of the above seemed to work! We had a little bit of browsing on the fringe, but nowhere near the damage of the previous years. Hiding the speakers amongst the orchard or the surrounding brush seemed to help keep the deer from identifying the source of the sounds and aids in the effectiveness.”

Nick Fox, Owner, C&S Orchards, Wenatchee, Washington, U.S.A.

“The Deer Shield Super Pro paid for itself already and very quickly. I had a herd of ten mule deer in the orchard munching on limbs and buds. Dramatic efforts to keep them away at night did not prove to be effective long term. Elk were destroying cherry orchards nearby in the Stemilt areas. Talking with you folks, your product was recommended for my deer problem. I ordered it, received it in only a few days and installed the following day. The deer problem instantly was solved. I saw no more tracks. During bloom stage deer would graze off the flowers reducing crop volume in previous years. This product I would highly recommend to anyone it works that well.”

Steve Ogden, The Farm Plan, LLC, Wenatchee, Washington U.S.A.

Electronic Deer Control

Deer rely on camouflage and the ability to flee as their primary defense mechanisms. When a deer senses danger, it makes alarm and distress sounds (audible to humans) to alert the rest of the herd that danger is nearby. At Deer Shield, we harness the power of these warning calls by using high fidelity digital recordings of deer alarm calls as well as the sounds aggressive, hostile and territorial deer. When exposed to the combination of our proprietary sounds, all nearby deer immediately flee the area.

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