"We no longer have any deer damage in the vineyards protected by Deer Shield."

Craig Cunningham, Cunningham Viticulture Services, LLC
Traverse City, Michigan


Deer Shield

Keep deer out of crops, orchards, airports, gardens and landscaping with Deer Shield’s electronic deer control technology:

  • Digital recordings of alarmed, hostile and territorial deer are broadcast to trigger a primal fear and flee response.
  • Demonstrated to be highly effective at controlling deer through extensive and ongoing field testing.
  • An entire herd of deer will modify their travel and feeding patterns to avoid the protected area completely.

Effective Deer Repellent

If your crops, garden or property have been damaged by deer, a Deer Shield unit can start protecting your property from nuisance deer today.  Deer Shield achieves exceptional results by completing protecting the covered area from deer.  Deer, like most nuisance animals, live in an interdependent social structure.  Deer Shield units broadcast audible danger and distress deer calls, causing deer within the protected area to flee.

Electronic Deer Control

Deer rely on camouflage and the ability to flee as their primary defense mechanisms.  When a deer senses danger, it makes alarm and distress sounds (audible to humans) to alert the rest of the herd that danger is nearby.  At Deer Shield, we harness the power of these warning calls by using high fidelity digital recordings of deer alarm calls as well as the sounds aggressive, hostile and territorial deer.  When exposed to the combination of our proprietary sounds, all nearby deer immediately flee the area. 

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