"Our plant had struggled with a European starling infestation for decades. Our infestation was so bad that our sky turned into black clouds of starlings around dusk. I’d strongly recommend using the Bird Gard product.”

Brian Limberg, P.E.
Manager-Louisville Gas & Electric




Bird Control at Electrical
Power Plants & Substations

Power Generating Plants and Electrical Substations create an ideal environment for birds to safely find shelter, warmth and to nest.  The impending interactions are often dangerous for employees and expensive for power companies. Bird Gard’s sophisticated species-specific electronic distress, danger, predator, and harassment sounds keep birds from landing in electrical substations and power plants:

  • Birds in substations cause expensive outages due to flash-overs, “streamers”, and the attraction of predatory animals.
  • Bird droppings are corrosive, conductive, and hazardous.  The acidic nature of bird dropping build-up corrodes expensive equipment, becomes conductive with moisture, and contains harmful bacteria which creates an extremely hazardous work environment.
  • Thousands of dollars annually are spent removing bird droppings and nesting materials from valuable electrical equipment.

Effective Bird Repellent

Nuisance birds can pose a serious problem around electrical substations and electrical power generating plants. Employees working in a space inhabited by a large flock of birds have to spend copious amount of time cleaning corrosive bird droppings from expensive electrical equipment. Additionally, individuals cleaning bird droppings are at risk of becoming ill due to the bacteria that live in bird droppings. Bird Gard electronic bird control units can permanently repel pest birds away from electrical substations and power generating plants. Unlike other bird repellents, Bird Gard gets nuisance birds away from electrical equipment without chemicals, nets, or poisons.

Contact Bird Gard today to find the Bird Gard model that is best equipped to protect your electrical equipment and generators from pest birds. After you install a Bird Gard system, species-specific distress calls will permanently remove any pest birds that have been problematic around any electrical substation or electrical power generation plant.


Electronic Bird Control

Bird Gard units are designed to effectively and permanently remove pest birds from electrical substations and power generating plants. A built in microprocessor in our electronic bird control units continually randomizes the order the sounds play and the relative pitch of each bird sound to give the impression many birds are in distress in the Bird Gard protected area. This random technology prevents pest birds from becoming habituated and keeps nuisance birds away from electrical equipment and power plants year-round.

Which Bird Gard Should I Buy?

Bird Gard has a variety of products to repel birds from one acre to thousands of acres. Choosing the right one depends on a number of factors. Click here to see all of the Bird Gard units or you can also contact a live human using the information below.
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