"Once we installed the Bird Gard unit the birds disappeared. Using Bird Gard has been a great success!"

Dr. Earl Jones, Abacela Vineyard & Winery
Roseburg, OR




Agriculture Testimonials

“First of all, let me say how absolutely AMAZED I am by Bird Gard! I have a vineyard in western Colorado, and had I known how well this unit works I probably wouldn’t have bothered to purchase bird netting! It’s THAT good! I’ve had this product for five seasons now, and continue to be impressed by its effectiveness. There can be a string of starlings on a nearby power line and when I turn this unit on they all take off and don’t return! What’s really amazing is that I use the Bird Gard for approximately 6 weeks each season (from shortly after veraison begins right up until the day of harvest) and it remains effective during the entire time period! Unbelievable!”

Richard Nunamaker, Grand Mesa Vineyards, Delta, CO

“I have never sent any company a positive review about anything. I set up both the Birdgard units on Saturday. I am unbelievably impressed by their effectiveness. The immediate reaction of hundreds of Starlings on the vineyard when we turned on the units is hard to put into words, but the bottom line is that they left the vineyard immediately and have not returned. All crop damage and loss stopped within 10 minutes, and I am kicking myself that I didn’t order these units earlier in the season. They literally pay for themselves in only a few days. It’s only been two days, but if they continue preforming like they are right now, I will definitely be ordering more units before next season. Thanks for all your help with this.”

Dave Youngblood, Youngblood Vineyard, Ray, Michigan

“My wife’s full-time job was chasing crows out of our 200 acres of pecans. Each season she’d go though 7 or 8 boxes of shotgun shells a day! We couldn’t leave without risking our harvest. With Bird Gard, we don’t have to worry about birds at all. Bird Gard works so well my brother and father got Bird Gard to protect their 240 acres of pecans.”

Dustin Miller, Pecan Grove, Brownfield, Texas

“We have had a chronic problem with cedar waxwings and other birds roosting adjacent to our Merlot vines and decimating our crop. Once we installed the Bird Gard unit the birds disappeared. Using Bird Gard has been a great success!”

Dr. Earl Jones, Abacela Vineyard & Winery, Roseburg, Oregon

“It is with pleasure that I endorse the effectiveness of Bird Gard. When placed in the vineyard during and after verasion we have noticed a decrease in starling activity. Indeed, when we did not use it one year, the starlings that had disappeared, the previous year, suddenly returned. Thank you for a wonderful product.”

Richard Stading, Max Vineyard, El Dorado County, California

“Bird Gard has been phenomenal! We were spending upwards of $600 to $800 a year in shotgun shells just for one ranch. Every afternoon 3 to 4 guys would go over and shoot birds and 2 guys would go out every morning for a few hours. With the lack of birds present and the labor and shell savings I would say this is the best bird control device on the market. Cullage from bird damage is down at least 70%. With all the rains and cherry splits we’ve had this year we would not have been able to salvage the crop had there been bird damage. I’m now a Bird Gard believer, and you can quote me on that!”

Heath Cleveringa, Washington Fruit and Produce in Yakima, Washington

“Thank you very much for your assistance in setting up our Bird Gard. With all 8 calls in the random mode, I have not seen any new Myna or Sparrow nests. We’re very pleased with the results. Much Aloha!”

Mike Takamatsu, Grower in Kula, Hawaii

“To test the effect (of Bird Gard), I prepared some area without installing the system. You will be very pleased to hear that the effect was outstanding, and there was no damage where the system was installed, whereas the damage was so great where the system was not installed. I wish to express my hearty thanks for the outstanding effect of your Bird Gard. Please be informed that I have sent you by separate parcel post some apples produced in my yard as a token of my thanks. I wish you the prosperity for your company and hope that your company can continuously develop excellent products in the future.”

Sinichi Osawa, Apple Grower in Nagano City, Japan

“Bird Gard was completely effective at keeping birds out all the way though harvest!”

Chris Wylie, Agri-World in Madera, California

“We used Bird Gard in our most bird affected vineyard which is located near a pond and line of trees. Comparing to our previous systems we could see a constant steady improvement. The birds did not seem to become accustomed to the sound. I highly recommend this product.”

Martin Schucle, Schucle Vineyards in Ontario, Canada

“Most years we practically write off the crop in the area. This year with Bird Gard there was absolutely no bird damage at all!”

Nick Canata, Munger Farms in Burrel, California

“Pretty wicked! I was totally amazed that they (Bird Gard) worked so well. Sparrows and flocks of starlings would head for the Sauvignon Blanc, hit the sound and take off out of there. In all the years we have been growing grapes, nothing else has ever worked as effectively.”

Michele Fletcher, Grower in Blenheim, New Zealand

“I can’t believe the difference with Bird Gard! The birds are gone and so are the gulls. Production is way up. What more can I say?”

Timothy Dahle, Dahle Orchards in The Dalles, Oregon

“I was willing to try a new control method, but a bit skeptical due to past failures with cannons, shotguns, and artificial distress calls. Prior to Fall 1999, we used costly and labor intensive bird netting for bird damage control. This harvest year we had zero bird damage due to the use of the Bird Gard. In early November, when we harvested the last of our grapes, we disconnected the systems early in the morning and started picking. As we were picking, hundreds of robins, starlings, and cedar waxwings flew into the vineyard. When we reconnected the systems, all the birds immediately flew far away.”

David Buchanan, Tyee Wine Cellars in Corvallis, Oregon

“I’d like you to know that your Bird Gard does work very well…not a bird gets into my vineyard.”

Chris Anderson, Millennium Vineyards in Lakewood, Washington

“We used a variety of Bird Gard devices at Knudsen Vineyards, installing them as per your recommendations.  There are sections of the vineyard that we normally write off as too hard to protect.  This year was not a problem.  We took days off with the confidence that no disasters would occur in our absence.”

Allen Holstein, Argyle Winery in Dundee, Oregon 

“The results of installing the Bird Gard Super Pro Amp unit were instant.  We had virtually no bird damage in one stone fruit section and very little damage in our apricots, which are usually prone to crow damage.”

Peter Hale, Grapefruit Grower in Renmark, Australia

“We have 6 separate fields surrounded by streams, forest, and grazing land with scattered oaks.  The vineyard is a monumental chore to shield from bird damage.  After this harvest seasons experience with the Bird Gard systems (Bird Gard Super Pro), I would error on the side of overkill rather than skimping.  It seems that multiple distress calls and harassment sounds creating total confusion, worked the best.  Usually we lose 25%-33% of the Pinot Noir even with dawn to dusk patrol and 2 propane cannons.  This year we lost less than 5 pounds of grapes.”

Ted Gerber, Foris Vineyards Winery in Cave Junction, Oregon

“I generally have a serious problem with cedar waxwings.  With Bird Gard I don’t have to waste labor chasing birds and I don’t worry anymore about losing my crop to birds.”

Bill Braswell, Florida Blueberry Growers Association in Auburndale, Florida

“We tested Bird Gard on one of our early Chelan blocks and we saw a significant decrease in bird damage. We were impressed enough we relocated the unit to another orchard for a second trial and had similar results. We are buying more units. Bird Gard was successful for reducing bird damage to our cherries.”

Ian Chandler, Orchard View Farms in Hood River, Oregon

“Last year we lost 100% of our lemons to the grackles, who puncture each fruit to get oil for their feathers. This year, with Bird Gard, our losses are nil. Thank you all & Mele Kalikimaka!”

Robert E. Albers, Citrus Grower in Hilo, Hawaii

“We are very pleased with the results, your Bird Gard unit worked well. Today we are moving it into a pecan block to keep it going.”

Mark Cook, Sierra Farming in Bowie, Arizona

“Rarely does an agricultural product come along that pays for itself in the first year. We grow premium vinifera wine grapes and have heavy migratory bird pressure. A large flock of starlings can eat over a ton of grapes in an hour, and with our signature grape Viognier, that could mean a loss of $2300 in an hour. After one year of numerous acres being devastated by bird damage, we installed a Bird Gard unit. We sustained almost no loss of grapes that year!  When considering the costs of bird netting and the labor to install and uninstall, it was a no-brainer to purchase the Bird Gard unit. The Bird Gard unit has proven itself repeatedly. So when the vineyard was expanded from five to twenty acres, we purchased three more units.”

Mark Malick, Maggie Malick Wine Cellars in Loudoun County Virginia

“I am delighted to tell you that we suffered less overall bird damage with the Bird Gard this year than any year previous.  In fact, the systems proved superior to the netting and cannons we used in the past.”

Rick Small, Woodward Canyon Winery in Lowden, Washington

“We had a thousand crows in one orchard eating the crop at a damaging rate. In desperation we installed one Bird Gard Super Pro Amp thinking it might help a little. Immediately upon installation the crows totally vanished. There was not one crow to be found in the orchard all the way through harvest. I could not believe it. We are installing 30 more units this season”

Dr. G. Barton Heuler, A & P Growers in Tulare, California

“I installed your Bird Gard Pro Plus in my 100 year old vineyard last year and the device easily increased crop yield by 50%. Bird damage which in previous years was mild to severe became negligible. Thanks again for supplying a product that works.”

Les Martin, Chateau Le Maul Vineyard and Winery in Valley Springs, California

“I was very impressed to see Bird Gard eliminate most of our bird damage. Last year, we lost 5 tons of grapes due mostly to mockingbirds. This year, using Bird Gard we reduced our bird damage by 60% -75%. I’d be happy to recommend the Bird Gard to any grape grower.”

Alfonse Dotson, Certenberg Vineyards in Voca, Texas

“We have been using Bird Gard to help keep birds out of our vineyards for 25 years. These new Super Pro Amp units work extremely well and each unit keeps birds out of 30 acres or more. We installed three of them in blocks where we have always had the most bird problems. They kept the birds out all the way through harvest and probably paid for themselves the first week they were installed”

Jim Bernau, Willamette Valley Vineyards in Turner, Oregon


Electronic Bird Control

A built in microprocessor continually randomizes the order the sounds play, the time and the relative pitch of each bird sound to give the impression many birds are in distress in the protected area.  This random technology prevents the birds from becoming habituated and keeps them out of the berry patch all the way through harvest.

Which Bird Gard Should I Buy?

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