Bird Gard Pro PA4

If you are dealing with a large bird or waterfowl issue, the Bird Gard Super Pro PA4 is the unit that will best solve your bird problem. The Super Pro PA4 broadcasts bird distress calls at a lower frequency than our other units, consistent with the lower-frequency calls of large birds. This system is optimal for great blue herons, wild turkeys, Canadian geese, and other large birds or water fowl.


✔ Each speaker protects up to 1 acre (0.4 hectares)
✔ 1 Year Guarantee
✔ Ideal for large birds and waterfowl


  • Interchangeable sound card with 8 sounds
  • Weather-resistant enclosure
  • Programmable for specific sound combinations, volume, and hours of operation
  • PA speaker with 30 meters of cable
  • Generating unit with built-in amplifier
  • Power adapter with 1.8 meters of cable

Product Description

Bird_Gard_Electronic_Bird_Repellent_Assembled_in_the_USAThe Bird Gard Super Pro PA4 unit offers complete protection for an area affected by large birds or water fowl. PA speakers, which attach to the main Super Pro PA4 unit, offer one acre (0.4 hectares) of protection per speaker. The unit comes with 1 PA speaker (with 30 meters of cable), but 3 additional PA speakers can be added if additional protection is needed. This unit is specifically designed to address problems with geese, wild turkeys, herons, egrets, cormorants, and other large birds or water fowl because the lower-frequencies sounds it projects are consistent with the natural calls of large birds or water fowl.

In order to prevent birds from becoming habituated, random bird calls are broadcast out of random PA speakers (if your unit has multiple speakers) continuously, at varying frequencies. Additionally, sound cards (each card with 8 sounds) can be easily replaced on the unit to have an even more extensive variety of calls projected. A light sensor in the unit can operate the unit during daylight, nighttime, or both, offering protection of your marina, orchard, farm, or warehouse whenever you need it.



  • Specifically designed for Bird Gard Pro
  • Eliminates the need to periodically recharge 12-volt battery
  • Solid State design requires no maintenance
  • Includes mounting bracket and 12-volt battery connection


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