Dr Stik_Oregon State University"We have been using Bird Gard electronic bird control products for over ten years and have been very pleased with how we can successfully prevent bird depredation and how the company has worked with us to target specific species. Bird Gard is now the only electronic bird control product we use in our research trials!"

Dr. Bernadine Stik, Professor and Berry Research Leader
Oregon State University



Blueberry Damage Prevention

Cedar Waxwings, starlings, robins, and crows are just a few of the nuisance birds who choose Blueberries as their seasonal fruit of choice to feast upon. According to the USDA, the typical blueberry grower can expect to lose 35% or more of their crop to bird damage without aggressive bird control. These losses occur from entire berry removal, blueberries knocked to the ground and peck marks rendering the fruit unprofitable. Bird Gard has been in the business of successfully repelling birds for over 25 years. Take advantage of our 1 Year Satisfaction Guarantee and allow Bird Gard to start providing protection for your blueberries today.



 Customized Proposals

Successful bird control requires specific species identification, full crop coverage and recommended equipment placement. Our staff creates, Free of Charge, customized proposals using satellite imagery to map your field. Individual proposals give our growers an incredibly helpful blueprint showing precisely where to station the equipment as well as displaying the exact coverage area each unit is capable of protecting.

Give us a call today (888-332-2328) and have a detailed talk with one of our Bird Control Specialists about protecting your blueberries. We’re here to partner with you in solving your bird problems for many years to come!

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Munger Farms 2 “Most years we practically write off the crop in the area. This year with Bird Gard there was absolutely no bird damage at all!”
~ Nick Canata, MungerFarms in Burrel, California


Protects up to 2 acres



Super Pro AMP
Protects up to 25 acres

Electronic Bird Control_Bird Gard Super Pro Amp


Super Pro 4SB
Protects up to 4 acres


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Prevent Blueberry Crop Damage

According to Cornell University, some studies have estimated up to 30% damage to commercial blueberry crops due to pest birds. Berries in general, are a great food source for birds and consumption increases during dry seasons. There are three types of preventable bird damage; whole berry removal, fruit knocked of bushes, and holes pecked in attached fruit. Smaller pest birds will puncture the fruit which is difficult to detect during harvest, leaving them open to infection and jeopardizing pack quality. Call for a free consultation from our crop protection experts. 888.332.2328

Protect Blueberries from Bird Damage

Starlings, robins, crows, cedar waxwings, and many other pest birds love blueberries. If you have an infestation of one or a few of these species of birds at your blueberry farm, you could be losing a substantial portion of your blueberry crop. A Bird Gard system will repel all pest birds from your blueberry crop by offering maximum coverage, and provide sound protection beyond the blueberry field edges.

Electronic Bird Control

Bird Gard units are designed to effectively and permanently remove birds from your blueberry crop. Our bird repellent technology uses a built-in microprocessor in our electronic bird control units continually randomizes the order the sounds play, the time interval between sounds and the relative pitch of each bird sound to give the impression many birds are in distress in the Bird Gard protected area. This random technology prevents birds from becoming habituated and keeps birds out of your blueberry crop all the way through harvest.

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Which Bird Gard Should I Buy?

Bird Gard has a variety of products to repel birds from one acre to thousands of acres. Choosing the right one depends on a number of factors. Click here to see a comparison of all Bird Gard units or you can also contact a live human using the information below.
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