Bird Gard Super Pro Amp

Posted by Bird Gard on Friday, March 18, 2016

The Bird Gard Super Pro Amp is our most powerful Bird Gard system.  It includes 2 high output amplifiers to power a specially designed 20-speaker tower.  This powerful unit protects up to 25 acres in an agricultural setting.  The Super Pro Amp unit is optimal for large farms, orchards, airports, electrical substations, power generating plants, landfills, or any large space inflicted with bird-related damage.



✔ Most powerful Bird Gard unit
✔ 1 Year Guarantee
✔ Covers up to 25 Acres (10 hectares) or a circle up to 1,200 ft. diameter



  • Interchangeable sound card with 8 sounds
  • NEMA-rated weather-resistant enclosure
  • Programmable for specific sound combinations, volume, and hours of operation
  • All-in-one unit with 20-speaker tower
  • 40-watt solar panel with voltage regulator
  • All necessary mounting hardware
  • Battery cables with clips (a 12-volt group 27 battery with at least 100 amp hours is required if run on battery power)


Call for Pricing 888.332.2328




Bird_Gard_Electronic_Bird_Repellent_Assembled_in_the_USAThe Bird Gard Pro Amp is designed to combat large-scale bird damage on farms, orchards, electrical utility sites, airports, and other expansive spaces.  The 20-speaker tower effectively covers up to 25 acres (10 hectares) in an agricultural setting, working continuously to randomly broadcast different sounds at varying frequencies (ranging from 2,000-10,000Hz).  In order to prevent local birds from becoming habituated to Bird Gard’s distress calls, additional features vary the sound, the duration of calls, and the length of time between each series of broadcast sounds.


The Bird Pro Super Pro Amp includes a solar panel with the speaker tower, resulting in a single, stand-alone unit.  The solar panel is 40 watts, with a voltage regulator, which continuously charges the 12-volt battery.  The Super Pro Amp’s built-in high power amplifiers broadcasts clear bird distress calls through the 20-speaker unit at 125dB at 1 meter.  Due to this high noise level, hearing protection is recommended when in close proximity to the speaker tower.

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