Choosing The Right Bird Gard

Bird Gard has a variety of products to repel birds from one acre to thousands of acres. Choosing the right one depends on a number of factors:


Which Bird Gard Should I Buy?
Unconditional 1-year Guarantee







✔ Covers up to 1 Acre
✔ For Residential Use
✔ Sound combination not updateable

  Electronic Bird Control_Bird Gard Pro Plus

✔ Covers up to 2 Acres
✔ Sound card updateable
✔ 2 Speakers allow custom coverage

  Super Pro_Choosing the right Bird Gard

✔ Covers up to 4 Acres
✔ Sound card updateable
✔ 4-amplifiers for crystal clear sound output






    Electronic Bird Control_Bird Gard Super Pro PA4

✔ Each speaker protects up to 1 acre
✔ Sound card updateable
✔ Ideal for large birds and waterfowl

  Super Pro AMP_Choosing the right Bird Gard

✔ Covers up to 25 Acres
✔ Sound card updateable
✔ Most powerful Bird Gard unit


Bird Control Repel Pest Birds

It is extremely important to have full sound coverage over the entire area needing protection.  Any areas not fully protected will allow birds to begin feeding at the fringes of the sound coverage.  They will soon become bolder and learn the sounds do not pose a real danger.  This will cause the effectiveness to diminish.  Complete Bird Gard coverage forces birds to leave the protected area.

  • Birds typically feed from the perimeter of the crop and work their way in. Place Bird Gard units so that the sound protection covers all the way to the edge of the crop and beyond if possible. For larger fields, Super Pro Amp units can be spaced every 1,200 feet around the perimeter, effectively creating a fence of sound that the birds will not penetrate.
  • Birds will often use nearby trees, power lines, tall grasses or wetlands for roosting and observation. If birds are in bordering areas it is necessary to position the units as close as possible to these areas. If birds are roosting in the trees at night the Time of Operation for the units in or near the trees should be set to 24 Hours until the birds are displaced.
  • Each individual speaker will cover an oval-shaped area of flat land approximately 250 feet x 175 feet (76 meters x 53 meters) when the unit is set on High volume. Hilly terrain or other obstructions will reduce the area of coverage. The 20-speaker tower of the Super Pro Amp unit will cover a circular area with a diameter of approximately 1,200 feet (366 meters).
  • Type of birdsMost nuisance birds communicate at the higher end of the audio spectrum (2,000-10,000 Hz). Larger birds like wild turkey, geese, herons and rooks only respond to the lower frequency sounds (500-5,000 Hz) of the Bird Gard Super Pro PA4.

Electronic Bird Control

Bird Gard units are designed to effectively and permanently remove pest birds from your property. A built-in microprocessor in our electronic bird control units continually randomizes the order the sounds play and the relative pitch of each bird sound to give the impression many birds are in distress in the Bird Gard protected area. This random technology prevents birds from becoming habituated and keeps birds out of your vineyard, crop, or orchard all the way through harvest.


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