The Exact Species of the Problem Birds needs to be Accurately Identified for Optimal Effectiveness

The best resource we have found for identifying birds is the website maintained by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.




Bird Identifier

Most nuisance birds live in flocks, an interdependent social order where each bird acts as the eyes and ears of the group.  Bird Gard harnesses the power of this intra-species communication system by using high fidelity digital recordings of the alarm and distress calls of more than 100 of the most common nuisance birds. 

To be most effective, the exact species of the problem birds needs to be accurately identified.  Based on this identification, we will select the most effective combination of sounds and electronically record these sounds on a microchip in your Bird Gard unit.

This combination of sounds may include:

  • The distress and alarm calls of your particular problem birds
  • The sounds of their natural predator
  • Electronic harassment sounds that have been particularly effective at disorienting your problem birds

cornell_lab_or_ornithology_buttonThe appearance of many birds changes dramatically depending on the gender and age of the bird, as well as the time of year. The best resource we have found for identifying birds is by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology.


Common Pest Birds

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European Starling


American Robin


Cedar Waxwing


English/House Sparrow


American Crow


Common Raven


Red-winged Blackbird


Brewer’s Blackbird


Blue Jay




Common Grackle


House Finch


Brown-headed Cowbird


Herring Gull


Ring-billed Gull


Acorn Woodpecker


Downy Woodpecker


Northern Flicker


Electronic Bird Control

A built in microprocessor continually randomizes the order the sounds play, the time and the relative pitch of each bird sound to give the impression many birds are in distress in the protected area.  This random technology prevents the birds from becoming habituated and keeps them out of the berry patch all the way through harvest.

Which Bird Gard Should I Buy?

Bird Gard has a variety of products to repel birds from one acre to thousands of acres. Choosing the right one depends on a number of factors. Compare Bird Gard’s bird control units or you can also contact a live human using the information below.
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