"Bird Gard's performance was very impressive and we are pleased with the results.”

Tom Johnson, Research Specialist, Cornell University
Geneva, New York




Bird Control for Mining
Structures & Operations

Keep pest birds away from mines and mining shafts by using Bird Control electronic bird control systems:

  • Pest birds can move into mining shafts to live, covering the mine with bird droppings.
  • Droppings from nuisance birds can buildup on expensive equipment.
  • Endangered species can be harmed by landing in tailings ponds.

Effective Bird Repellent

Pest birds can become a serious problem around mining operations. Nuisance birds that live in mining shafts or near mines leave corrosive droppings that cover the mining area and mining equipment. Bird Gard uses digital recordings of real bird distress calls, along with the sounds of their natural predators, to trigger a primal fear and flee response that cause the pest birds to leave and not return. Unlike other bird repellents, Bird Gard gets nuisance birds away from mining operations without chemicals, nets, or poisons.

Contact Bird Gard today to find the Bird Gard model that is best equipped to protect a mining area where pest birds have become a problem. After you install a Bird Gard system, species-specific distress calls will permanently remove any pest bird that have been problematic around any mine.


Electronic Bird Control

Bird Gard units are designed to effectively and permanently remove pest birds from mining operations. A built in microprocessor in our electronic bird control units continually randomizes the order the sounds play and the relative pitch of each bird sound to give the impression many birds are in distress in the Bird Gard protected area. This random technology prevents pest birds from becoming habituated and keeps nuisance birds away from any mining operation year- round.

Which Bird Gard Should I Buy?

Bird Gard has a variety of products to repel birds from one acre to thousands of acres. Choosing the right one depends on a number of factors. Click here to see all of the Bird Gard units or you can also contact a live human using the information below.
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