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Curtailing Invasive Bird Damage to Northeastern Apple Crops

Posted by BirdGard on Monday, August 28, 2017

Apple season is nearly upon us! That means brisk Fall days and soft cardigan sweaters, flashy autumnal foliage displays and agile winds surrounding us in passionate swirls of red and gold fallen leaves. Apple season means warm, sticky apple pies cooling on windowsills in the late summer breeze and a symphony of crunches as we […]

Protecting Michigan Apple Orchards From Invasive Birds

Posted by BirdGard on Monday, August 21, 2017

Each summer season, after all the sweet apple blossom petals have been carried away by the soft whisper of the Michigan spring breeze, precious apples begin to appear along the spindly branches that decorate many a Michigan orchard. Michigan is home to many crops that the nation at large relies upon, and apples are arguably […]

Protecting Your North Carolina Apple Orchard From Invasive Birds

Posted by BirdGard on Monday, August 14, 2017

Each year, North Carolina harvests some of Americas most delicious apples. Granny Smiths for all the autumn pies, Golden Delicious to simmer and serve over double cut pork chops, Galas to stash in Junior’s lunch box, Honeycrisps for tart, velvety cider – North Carolina’s apple orchards are an essential segment of America’s agricultural landscape. In […]

Protecting Your Washington Apple Orchards From Invasive Birds

Posted by BirdGard on Monday, August 7, 2017

Is there a fruit more American than the Washington Apple? From our beloved national pie, cooling on Grandma’s windowsill to our favorite candy-coated country fair indulgence, Washington Apples are arguably America’s favorite fruit. There are many apple varieties, some cloyingly sweet, and others cheek-pinchingly tart. For each variety, on every orchard, invasive birds wait in […]

Saving Oregon Apple Crops Affected By Invasive Birds

Posted by BirdGard on Friday, August 4, 2017

The Pacific Northwest is famous for its bumper crops of crisp, delicious, apples. Yearly, orchards in the shadow of Mt Hood produce some of the best apples in the world. Oregon has developed a reputation for being one of the fruit capitals, so protecting those vast orchards from the greedy beaks of invasive birds is […]