Bird Gard Super Pro Wireless

The Bird Gard Super Pro Wireless unit provides a perfect solution for eliminating pest birds in large spaces or in areas where running cables is not practical. This wireless Bird Gard system has a single control unit, which connects to unlimited receiver units, each of which can broadcast distress calls covering 4 acres. This wireless unit is ideal for large farms or fish farms, orchards, industrial areas, hangers, marinas, or other large spaces where pest birds are causing damage. High-voltage electrical transmission lines and cell phone towers in close proximity may interfere with the operation of the Bird Gard Super Pro Wireless unit. In these situations, the regular Bird Gard Super Pro unit (wired version) must be used.


✔ Battery powered unit for easy installation
✔ 1 Year Guarantee
✔ Each speaker covers up to 4 acres (1.6 hectares) or a circle 500 ft. in diameter


  • Weather-resistant enclosure
  • Programmable for specific sound combinations, volume, and hours of operation
  • Mountable wireless control unit
  • 4-speaker receiving unit
  • Power adapter with six feet of cable

Product Description

Bird_Gard_Electronic_Bird_Repellent_Assembled_in_the_USAThe Bird Gard Super Pro Wireless provides an effective solution to bird problems in a large area. The Super Pro Wireless unit has a single, wireless control unit. The control unit has a signal range of 1,000 feet, meaning that receiver units must be placed within the range of the control unit. Each receiver unit has 4 speakers, enclosed in weather-resistant housing. The receiver units have the ability to broadcast distress calls (ranging in frequency from 2,000 – 10,000 Hz) across 4 acres. Bird Gard Super Pro Wireless units come equipped with 1 receiver unit, but additional units can be purchase in order to achieve the protection you need against pest birds.

Since the Super Pro Wireless is a mobile unit, the control unit and receiver units are battery powered. The easily mountable control unit is powered by either a 110/220VAC or 12-volt battery, and each receiver unit is powered by a 12-volt battery. 



  • Specifically designed for Bird Gard Pro Wireless
  • Eliminates the need to periodically recharge 12-volt battery
  • Solid State design requires no maintenance
  • Includes mounting bracket and 12-volt battery connection

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